Frog Coin Purse

I purchased a Frog Coin Purse pattern from Laura Loves Crochet from Etsy. My first ever crochet project.

Today I have just finished it:

2015-04-06 19.10.49 HDR

You can purchase the pattern for yourself from either Etsy or Ravelry.

I used a lot of new techniques as I am new to crochet and you can find some fantastic YouTube videos in my previous two posts Learning Crochet and Learning Crochet 2.

2015-04-06 12.17.51 HDR oval 2015-04-06 12.17.51 HDR legs 2015-04-06 12.17.51 HDR

2015-04-06 12.17.51 HDR 2015-04-06 12.17.51

I purchased the purse clasp from Laura on Etsy too here for the project.

And here is my finished purse I had such fun making it and found it very rewarding.

2015-04-06 19.11.20 2015-04-06 19.11.20 HDR 2015-04-06 19.10.49

I have purchased from Laura previously too the Crocheted Plant which I love.

Learning Crochet 2

Whilst undertaking my first crochet project I came across other techniques I am unfamiliar with;

Slip Stitch

YouTube was a great help again.

Fasten Off (FO) and weave in ends – For finishing off

Magic Ring Method – Useful for round shapes such as Eyes
2015-04-06 12.17.51 HDR legs

How to Increase

How to Decrease

How to Turn

Whip Stitch

French Knots – For Pupils in Eyes
2015-04-06 12.17.51 HDR

Back Stitch – For Assembly

I have been making a coin purse and these techniques were needed.

I bought some great books and I definitely recommend them;