Free Form Crochet

I attended a Free Form Crochet class on Saturday at Bedford Arts and Crafts Centre.

This class introduced participants to to freeform (Scrumbling or Scumbling) Crochet. Freeform crochet and knitting is a seemingly random combination of crochet, knitting and other fibre arts to make a piece that is not constrained by patterns, colours, stitches or other limitations.

Its origins were set in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.


) Dowde, Jenny – Freeformations
) Kirkpatrick, Renate – Freeform crochet and Beyond

Examples of Freeform crochet:

The Colour Wheel is a useful tool to go by

We practiced techniques called Scallops, Bullion, Surface crochet, Corkscrews, Barnacles and a few others.

As I was a beginner I practiced chain, double crochet, half treble and treble crochet. Then I made a granny square with instructions the tutor gave me as well as the patience and kindness to show me and she said it is good to read from charts for crochet and I found them incredibly useful.

3 Round Granny Square thumb-1365972286878-basic_three_round_granny_square_wrounds

We all got given a kit which included the instructions, a ball of yarn and a crochet hook.11050717_10153088876368397_8689947140690021690_n

The tutors website:

Here’s some pictures of the tutors work:
10714556_394135954100774_7148096829868405814_o 11041287_394135884100781_3624581084618477934_o

Here is another useful link


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