Still Life Art Class

Still Life Art Class

I attended the Art Centre and Gallery in Bedford for a Still Life Workshop including composition and tone study by tutors Eric Seeley & Sue Kiteley on 12th July 2014. It only cost £12 and I learnt so much.

Firstly we drew the set up that they had which included a bamboo cube with objects inside and then lots of pieces of string stretched throughout the cube and this enabled us to draw the objects within proportion to each;

2014-07-14 19.22.35 HDR 2014-07-14 19.22.35


And then we drew with charcoal to be able to sketch shadows and composition and to draw the tone study.

2014-07-14 19.22.10 HDR 2014-07-14 19.22.10

There were some degree qualified students in the class and they were able to complete both drawings in the two hour class, it looked amazing.

I definitely recommend attending a class if you are interested in art and/or crafts.


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