Father’s Day 2014

1. Fathers Day - Dad 2014 (1) Fathers Day - Dad 2014 (2) Fathers Day - Dad 2014 (3)

2. Fathers Day - Phil Nagel 2014

Father’s Day 2014

I made these cards for my Dad and Father-in-law for Fathers day 2014.

1. I firstly made the top pictured card using the card making kit that I got free with the Papercrafter magazine 2014-06-16 14.38.27

which had some cards, envelopes, and assorted papers and chipboards of bird boxes and little birds.

I used some orange card and attached some of the paper patterns, and I attached one of the chipboard bird boxes and used some 3-d paint to paint a pattern along the top of the bird box and along the bottom. I attached the little chipboard bird and used the 3-d paint to make an eye for the birdie. I stuck down some blue ribbon along the bottom of the card and then finally used a stamp with blue ink to stamp Fathers Day.


2. To make this card I had an embellishment that I had bought to make up which included some ribbon, sequins, silver boat embellishment and some silver wire. I made this up using the picture that they had provided and attached this to the card along with some blue tissue paper. I finished off using my Fathers day stamp with some blue ink.

And there you have it, some Fathers day cards, I hope you like….

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