Mollie Makes Awards

I’ve entered in the Mollie Makes awards

MollieMakesAwards_logo_web Image with thanks from Mollie Makes.

The Youth Award

Awarded to creative entrepreneur aged between 18 and 25 or under who has not yet established a business.

The Start Up Award

Awarded to a business in the handmade community established for a period of two years or less.

The Established Business Award

Awarded to a small business in the handmade community who has been trading for two years or more

 The Social Enterprise Award

Awarded to the most inspirational and successful entrepreneur who runs a business with a clearly defined social and/or ethical purpose at its heart.

The Creative Idea Award

This award recognises an exceptional creative idea or innovation in the handmade community

I have entered into the Start Up Award because I have always wanted to make a success of my handmade cards, I sold a couple of them and I really enjoy it. It has kept me going through my illness and kept me sane.

Head on over and enter yourself 🙂 It’s free to enter, all entries will receive a free Etsy store listing for their first 20 products and 30% off moo business cards.

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