Pearl Necklace Top

I bought a Pearl Necklace from New Look over a year ago and unfortunately it broke twice in different places and so I decided to sew it to a top I have from Marks and Spencer.

The first repair I made was from the beads which broke and this happened whilst I was out of the house but luckily I managed to catch the beads, and last week the chain broke so I decided I wanted it to be more secure.

Whenever I wore it it would move about a lot so now it is attached to my top it will look perfect 🙂

2014-02-15 16.07.41 2014-02-15 16.10.07 2014-02-15 16.17.27 2014-02-15 16.20.08 2014-02-15 16.17.27 adjusted 2014-02-15 16.20.08 adjusted


What do you think with it attached to my top?


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