I’m Bananas About You

Valentine's Day - David 2014 (1) Valentine's Day - David 2014 (2) Valentine's Day - David 2014 (1) adjusted



I made this card for my husband for Valentine’s Day

From the pack of materials that I bought –

2014-01-28 21.26.45 2014-01-28 21.27.51 2014-01-28 21.28.58 2014-01-28 21.29.28 which only cost £1 Poundland!!!! You don’t always have to go to the expensive shops to get good quality stuff, there are only certain things I would buy from Poundland but craft materials are great here, although they do only have a small selection of craft supplies.

I used some of the brown material/paper as the backing of my design, and added lots of heart stickers over the card.

I have some cute foam monkey stickers with bananas that I bought a while ago from Accessorize and used them as the main design for my card.

And then to finish I added some green paper from the pack of materials mentioned above and I wrote a handwritten message ‘I’m bananas about you…’.

I hope you like it, the picture is slightly dark but I hope that this does not ruin the card how it should look.

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