Crafts I got for Christmas

I got craft materials for Christmas

2014-01-05 18.10.59 2014-01-05 18.11.09  2014-01-05 18.10.54


From back left to front right:

The Art of Handmade Living by Willow Crossley
Make your own Sock Reindeer kit
Craft Storage Box (what I filled inside it was not given to me for Christmas but I wanted to show it full of materials)

2014-01-05 18.12.12 2014-01-05 18.12.10 2014-01-05 18.12.05
Musical Note Punch
A Card Decoupage kit
A Pen with my name on it – Samantha

2014-01-05 18.11.40
A variety of Christmas stickers and a Christmas card decoupage kit
Snowflake Punch
Owl Stationery set
Owl Notebook/Journal

So with these new materials I decided to have a good clear out and sort all of my materials and make it organised and so I know where every little thing is.

2014-01-05 18.46.59 2014-01-05 18.46.53 2014-01-05 18.46.53-1

This is my craft cupboard.


2014-01-05 18.47.15 2014-01-05 18.47.23

My Golden Retriever storage box,

2014-01-05 18.47.47 2014-01-05 18.47.56


And my craft trolley.

It has helped my mind and also I feel really organised and happy 🙂



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