Felted Christmas Tree

I returned to my group today after I had missed it for a month or two due to my medication not being quite right but my GP and I worked it out and it’s a bit better now, and I’ve been having lots of meetings with my mentor from to set up my business and it kept clashing with the group.

The group seemed to be a little small today but I still had a good time and had a good chat.

We made these felted Christmas trees

2013-12-05 15.29.45 2013-12-05 15.29.53 2013-12-05 15.29.59 2013-12-05 15.30.10


I used the three colours of felt red, purple and green which were pre-cut.

I had sewn it together around the edges with white yarn/wool and because of talking and my cup of tea I didn’t get any further in the group and so I finished it off at home.

I took the materials with me and I chose to sow on the beads onto the branches as if they were ornaments hanging on the tree and put the metallic blue thread through the beads.
I then used some cotton to thread on lots of blue sequins as more tree decorations.

And to finish as you can see I had sewn a piece of ribbon on top to hang up.

I had a lot of fun making this and glad to be getting into crafts again, I’ve missed it.


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