Crafts Beautiful magazine

I was flicking through the magazines this week in Tesco and my husband said he would buy me a magazine.

There were a few I was interested in but I settled upon Crafts Beautiful, it had a really good free gift of woodland friends.

2013-11-10 18.40.47 2013-11-10 18.40.43 2013-11-10 18.40.40

It contained felt to make some felted friends and also an owl decoupage kit.

2013-11-10 18.40.59 2013-11-10 18.41.06 2013-11-10 18.41.03


And also it had a free book with it

2013-11-10 18.41.18 2013-11-10 18.41.16 2013-11-10 18.41.13


So all in all I think it was money well spent. I’d recommend it as a good purchase, I’ve bought Crafts Beautiful before and I’ve found it a very resourceful magazine.


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