Jack Skellington Pumpkin King

Happy Halloween

‘Something’s up with Jack’

I decided to carve a pumpkin into Jack Skellington from the Disney film the Nightmare Before Christmas.

2013-10-31 20.19.54 2013-10-31 20.20.06 2013-10-31 20.21.03 2013-10-31 20.21.13 2013-10-31 20.21.16 2013-10-31 20.23.21 2013-10-31 20.23.24 2013-10-31 20.23.27 2013-10-31 20.23.29 2013-10-31 20.23.31


I just carved from drawing on the pumpkin with a pencil by going from a picture. It was quite tricky in places such as the nose.

I hope you like it.

‘This is Halloween, this is Halloween’

 Image from Disney Wikia with thanks.


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