Do Craft Event, Frosts Garden Centre

2013-10-20 16.00.17 2013-10-20 16.00.21 2013-10-20 16.00.25

Do Craft Events – Frosts Garden Centre, Willington.

It was meant to be an adult event but there seemed to be some cross wires and it turned out to be a child’s craft event.

Still I approached the lady running the event and she showed me how to make a pop up card demo.

2013-10-20 16.01.50 2013-10-20 16.01.52
W=Wall and F=Floor of the card.

2013-10-20 16.02.18 2013-10-20 16.02.16 2013-10-20 16.02.10


Stick First the bottom side, and then Stick Last the top side.

She drew six lines with a pencil and then cut the lines with scissors (she made the middle lines slightly longer as seen in the picture), then the cuts are folded inwards as seen. After this the inserts can be attached, she said that circle pictures look better than square pictures for the inserts as the square pictures can look slightly uneven, and also to attach the inserts with at least a millimetre from the card because otherwise when the card is folded it could easily crumple up.

And I was able to purchase just a few inexpensive craft materials.

2013-10-20 16.01.29 2013-10-20 16.01.27 2013-10-20 16.01.11 2013-10-20 16.01.09 2013-10-20 16.00.53 2013-10-20 16.00.41


I got some dog stickers as quite a few of the handmade cards I make are for dog lovers, also some Anita’s outline stickers of cupcakes and lastly some do craft flowers.

Here are some useful links you may find.

DoCraft Events

Official docrafts Facebook page


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