The Big Knit – Innocent Smoothies

I decided to take part in the Innocent Big Knit for Age UK, I also volunteer for Age UK so I felt like I already knew how important the charity is.

Here is the tv advert Age UK Innocent Big Knit.

I did the basic bobble hat from a pattern I was given in 2011.




I also got a leaflet which had the berry fancy hat which I decided to do. You can knit this yourself the pattern is here





I knitted 2 of these, the other is a darker purple-y berry hat.




So why not knit yours and send them into the Big Knit by 31st October 2013. You can find the address to send them to by following this link.
This page shows all the patterns, a video on how to knit and the address, also if you just wanted to help out you can buy the innocent drink bottles with the hats on sale in November or by texting and donating £3 all details found in the link.


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