Denim Owl

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I was back to my craft group this evening and this time it was denim owls.

They provided a template to cut out the fabric which had a body part (the darker material) and the tummy (the lighter material).

This was sewn together by hand and then folded at the top and I sew the beak onto the fabric.

The base is made of a round piece of plastic and a circle cut out of the denim material. Using a running stitch around the circle of denim and then drawn together tightly to hold the plastic in place.

The owl is stuffed and then the base is attached, with a small stitch around the base which is well hidden as the thread is the same colour as the material.

Then the eyes are cut out of felt with the template and sewn to the owl with a button for the eye and I used the thread spaced out around the felt as part of the design.

I found a great owl you can do online on this blog which is very similiar.

I hope you like it 🙂


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