Glass Jar/Vase

2013-09-19 15.48.25 2013-09-19 15.48.28 2013-09-19 15.48.34 2013-09-19 15.48.42 2013-09-19 15.48.46 2013-09-19 15.49.00 2013-09-19 15.49.03 2013-09-19 15.49.06


My latest make at my group today.

This was quite a quick project so there was lots of time for nattering and a cup of tea.

Firstly as you can see it is just a simple jar and firstly I cut a piece of lace to fit around the neck of the jar and glued it into place, just using PVA glue.

Then there was a template heart provided to use to cut out a heart from the chequered material and this was glued into place using PVA glue.

And finally we used a natural brown shabby style rustic string/twine to tie this around the lace into place and tied into a bow.

A very simple craft but very effective and pretty, I have decided I will use it as a vase for smaller flowers (if I ever get any lol).

Why don’t you try it?

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