Wheat & Gluten Free Breads from Luscious Juice Bar

Revised 30th July 2013.

I know this isn’t a recipe but as I strive to share with you Gluten free, Wheat free and Dairy free foods, also I avoid spices and I have been following the Endometriosis diet quite strictly I thought I should share with you these Gluten and Wheat free bread loaves that I recently ordered from the Luscious Juice Bar in Bedford, UK.

This is the Wheat free Spelt loaf:

XmHYx4nuv1N_mcFjBMmmLwnMy79a4u5Frm7qcTKJEaU Ef_02NGkrfArnlVLOMCWPg1tvdQihAG8d_umw2-fLFA f2TppszkC0KYo7QQkIMZ3bz5wFjGel0yL_UlyWnSsqc G-IKQJY1DFicyLTK9fpybp0DUj0ZKboQDIpQ87WBxBQ nNbCfz1kwQjtl8WrxAmhHHrhZq9nFb9ZN9S-7w3s6HA sIGVo5I315AkPRmSF0kp7x5QDU4ni1rwv39szwkgDZA

It was so yummy the best bread I have ever tasted. I was meant to buy the gluten free loaf but my husband accidentally bought me the wrong one so I bought the right one this time.

This is the Gluten free white loaf they do:

SzKAfOwOczbrcbUidOi6KOJsCbwnOwFvpPnnWjnC9Pg QMQEoGu8TjH2CLH8gdekKhPi5K77yAYAQ_4wXqn7Zc0 oz0aFtYyrWfoPMGr8XuXvE7vMZVKHeTYeh3E_hsnRNk _pmzQixtbRYEDJAOCIoVaQI629MAXsGNpo5quX2GkBY wjXFBpjnUOf4HJPI27sdw5zrZOnqe_cwKgb7BD4hJ7U g3MhK8KS_m_3Dlrynz8xH40GBl2ZSbjRqXsJWkBjKSw f67g52s7mNcVnv-BIydKWQnhNWi40Ew5JBP57yqzG8Q 6_6rFrKdv4aPjf9cPQHhNm2K8OUEj-5XOKeisTWochQ 0QnDDPY1sHKNN5camZwkOifbqXcGkLmHM64EzAtTZFg

If you would like to know more if you live near the area or ever stop by the Luscious Juice Bar Website
which has their address and telephone number details. They also have a menu.

They are also on Facebook Friend Page also Facebook Like Page and Twitter.

And they are cheaper that the supermarket as I have been buying the Genius bread, I do still like the Genius bread but as this is cheaper I hope to buy more of it.

It felt quite special ordering from there and getting it in a little brown paper bag.


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