Glass Garden Ornaments

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I attended my craft group and this time on offer was to make glass garden ornaments.

Firstly I collected my blue bottle
Some aluminum wire
Glass pebbles

I bent the wire by hand around the bottle and made swirly shapes and as I cut off a very large piece and wrapped it around the bottle lots of times it was enough to keep it on the bottle, especially with all the times I went around the neck of the bottle.

I then used hot glue to attach the glass pebbles.

All materials were on offer at the craft group which get donated as they are a charity.

Next I made this, as I made the bottle too quickly to fill the 2 hours we attend for.

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This is a bug I made.

I got a clear glass jar
More aluminum wire this time green and blue
Some large marbles
Thinner bead wire
Orange and blue coloured wooden beads

I wrapped the blue aluminum wire around the neck of the jar a couple of times by hand and then wrapped the wire around the large marbles until I felt they were held in place enough.

I got the green aluminum wire and wrapped it around the middle of the bottle a few times and bent the ends of the wire into wing shapes (all with one complete piece of wire).

Then as they kept slipping around the bottle with it being a circled bottle I used hot glue to hold it into place.

Then finally I bent the bead wire into two round shapes as a sort of antennae and put the beads on one at a time alternating between orange and blue and curled the end so that they would not fall off. I also glued this into place so that it would not move and voila, I was done.

I hope you like them as much as I do, I had great fun making them and I can’t stop looking at them.

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