Paper Mache Teacups

I saw a post on Facebook with Homemaker magazine showing paper mache teacups from a lady called Ann Wood.

She includes a annwoodteacup template of the teacups that you can print off and cut out. If you click the link to Ann Wood’s website it shows the instructions step by step but I will shows you what I did.

Firstly I printed off the template (link above) and cut it out, then drew around the template on cereal boxes and cut them out.

2013-07-09 18.15.55 2013-07-09 18.15.52 2013-07-09 18.15.48 2013-07-09 18.15.43

Use the back of a crafting knife to make a little score on the bits where there are dotted lines from the template and make a snip with scissors very slightly. Then you need to bend the card so that the outside pattern of the box is facing outwards, tape the bottom of the cup on the outside and the inside.
Then tape the top of the teacup outside and on the inside. Press out the sides and tape the middle outside and inside.
Lastly for the taping you need to tape the bottom inside and out. I then attached another bottom to the teacup with thicker cardboard which needs to be slightly bigger than the circle on the template.

2013-07-07 21.57.40 2013-07-07 21.57.44 2013-07-07 21.57.50 2013-07-07 21.57.53 2013-07-07 21.57.57


You can now paper mache the teacup, I used one layer as the instructions say.

2013-07-08 20.06.54 2013-07-08 20.07.09 2013-07-08 20.07.13 2013-07-08 20.07.17 2013-07-08 20.07.19

When that is dry you can then attach the handle, wait until it has all dried until you paint it.

It can then be painted however you like. I painted a ship and a flower theme on my 2 teacups, why don’t you go and make one.

2013-07-13 18.47.15 2013-07-13 18.47.27 2013-07-13 18.47.36 2013-07-13 18.47.46 2013-07-13 18.48.00 2013-07-13 18.48.08 2013-07-13 18.48.22 2013-07-13 18.48.31


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