Potting Plants

Yesterday I decided to pot some plants so that I can grow my own herbs, lettuces and strawberries.

My Dad gave me a big plastic pot that was a big plastic butt and he used a saw to cut it in half and use it as a big plant pot. My husband drilled some holes in the bottom for water drainage.

I had all the herbs and lettuces in little pots and they will have much more room to grow in the big pot, I filled in about halfway with compost and then planted all the herbs and lettuces. Then added more compost around them and watered.

2013-07-07 19.05.35

2013-07-07 19.05.39

2013-07-07 19.05.45 thyme 2013-07-07 19.05.49 chives 2013-07-07 19.06.15 basil 2013-07-07 19.06.00 lettuce 2013-07-07 19.06.06 coriander 2013-07-07 19.06.20 strawberries

I also posted this to the Instructables website.

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