Handmade Book Photo Frame

2013-05-21 21.52.17 DSC00087 DSC00088 DSC00091 DSC00092

I have recently joined a craft group in my local area which is free that I attended on 21st May 2013, and they provide the materials they just ask for a donation.

They actively encourage recycling and using old things so we each picked our own plain book and the materials of our choice.

I used a stanley knife to cut out the rectangle on the book with a template.
And I cut a second layer because I wanted to keep the writing on the inner pages as a border.

I then decided to use a hole puncher to press a hole on either side of the hard backed front and back.
Some ladies used some brown string to tie the book but I wanted to use a purple coloured string to add some colour.

There were some bronze sticky strips so I used this to finish off the cut around the pages and create a sort of corner finish.

I hope you like it as I had a great time making it in the group, I’m not sure if the pictures do it justice.

I put a picture of my dog in the book to demonstrate how it would look with a picture in.

The group was a very large group of about 30 of us ladies, all mixed ages (from about 16/17 to around 60) which was great and I had a great natter, I got chatting to the vicar’s wife who is a lovely lady. We also had some refreshments of tea and biscuits, unfortunately they don’t meet too often as the next one is the beginning of July but I will definitely not leave this group.
I have searched for a local craft group for years but never found one so I am so happy to have found a group so unexpectedly.

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