Happy Birthday Doctor Who

It is my husband’s cousin’s birthday and as I look through all the boxes we have I struggle to find inspiration for making birthday cards as all my crafts are packed into boxes. We are currently mid move so I always keep a box of pre-made cards.

They still have the same amount of effort in them as all my cards do, they take my time and effort. I wouldnt put time and effort into a card I wasnt enjoying it would be taken apart or thrown in the bin.

Although the characters for Doctor Who are a little out of date David Tennant is still one of the best doctors there is (one of mine anyway). Martha Jones was a great companion and it’s a pity she didnt stay longer, although her acting career is still on top form in ‘Law and Order UK’.

Anyway I made this card using some pretty cool stickers I got with a Doctor Who magazine, they stand out from the card of different enemies and villians. I mounted the picture of David Tennant and Freema Agyeman with some 3-d foam stickers as a decoupage effect, I also repeated this with the John Barrowman picture.

To finish I used a birthday stamp using blue ink (fitting for the doctor who theme!).

I hope he liked it even though it was slightly out of date.


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